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Songs to learn and sing- the tapes feature..

**I have had so much fun submitting tapes to Mix-Tapes that I decided to feature some here, most are my own but anyone who would like to toss one up, feel free to email me with your list. The rules are simple- make it interesting, I could care less if it's primarily only a couple of bands but at least make it weave a tale**


"Harry's Game"- Clannad
"Dig Ophelia"-Rasputina
"Ave Maria"- Sarah Brightman
"When I die"- Lush
"Awesome Sound"-Ween
"We live again"-Beck
"Three Days"- Jane's Addiction
"Rain song"- Led Zeppelin
"Dear Prudence"- Siouxsie and the banshees
"Hellsville"-Legendary Pink Dots
"Wuthering Heights"-Kate Bush
"Blue Gates of Death"- Current 93
"The Trees"-Rush
"Electric Co."-U2
"Heroes"-Magnetic Fields

"More songs for a boy"
"We Can"-Fatboy Slim
"Other Galaxies"-Field Mice
"Letter Never Sent"-Trembling Blue Stars
"Golden Dawn"-Legendary Pink Dots
"They should all be murdered"- Another Sunny Day
"Dry Land"-Harper Lee
"If I could shine"-Sweetest Ache
"Peaches"-The Orchids
"Millionaire of your own hair"-Fosca

"Everything's alright"-Harvey Williams
"When the May Rain comes (live)-Current 93
"In the Flat Fields"-Bauhaus
"Jealous Guy"-Bryan Ferry
"The world to me"-Field Mice
"Birthday Girl"-Trembling Blue Stars
"Low"-Harper Lee

As Campy as we want to be

"Star Wars Remix"-Moby
"Brimful of Asha"-Cornershop/Fatboy Slim
"Weapon of choice"-Fatboy Slim
"Strawbery Fields Forever"-Beatles
"Autumn Sweater"-Yo La Tengo
"The Way to Market Street"-Aislers Set
"Scarborough Fair"-Simon and Garfunkle
"Storytelling Johnny"-Fosca
"Smoke and Mirrors"-Magnetic Fields
"Your Life"-Harper Lee
"Love Songs on the Radio"-Mojave3
"Song for close friends"-Harvey Williams

**The Filed under Forsaken Mix**

Side A: "The only one you've ever come across"

"Give a little bit of your love to me"-Supertramp
"Lakeside Park"-Rush
"Wonderous Stories"-Yes
"Kashmir"-Led Zeppelin
"America"-Simon and Garfunkel
"Little Fall of Rain"-Les Miserables soundtrack
"Filed under forsaken"-Fosca
"With whom to dance"-Magnetic Fields
"In love with a view"-Mojave3
"Brighton Bound"-Ladybug Transistor
"The Captive Heart"-Brendan Perry

Side B: "I'm not sure like I once was"

"Insecure"-Northern Picture Library
"Lonely Side of Town"-Aislers Set
"Will you Fade"-Love Spirals Downward
"Her"-Claire Voyant
"Waiting for the Flood"-Love and Rockets
"So Said Kay"-Field Mice (::smirks:: come on, you knew they would be there!)
"Half in Love with Leaving"-Trembling Blue Stars
"August Song"-Cody
"The Jeweller"-This Mortal Coil
"Tell me how it feels"-Sweetest Ache

*The night we feared for the Orchids, missed the last train, and found something else entirely*

Side A: "Home is very far from where I am on this night"

"Run Away"- Field Mice
"Fine Day for Sailing"-Go Sailor
"New Years Honours"-Another Sunny Day
"You deserve more than a maybe"-St. Christopher
"Major John"- The Wake
"Sickening"- The Sweetest Ache
"After Years" Secret Shine
"Something for the longing"-Orchids
"Alicia's Song" Aislers Set
Side B-"Kissed goodbye, goodbye in Central London"

"Torment to me" Gentle Despite
"Endlessly Falling" Chameleons
"I can see myself alone forever"-Field Mice
"In love with a view"-Mojave3
"Machine Gun"-Slowdive
"Lisa's Separation"-Legendary Pink Dots
"Only Connect"-Harper Lee
"Fairytale of New York"- Pogues
"This Sad Movie"-Con Dolore
"She's Always There"-Trembling Blue Stars

When it's three am and you can't sleep..

Side a. "I've seen myself just like you say"

"Home and Dry"- Trembling Blue Stars
"Skylight"- Northern Picture Library
"Smoke and Mirrors"- Magnetic Fields
"Peeping Tom"-Placebo
"Please please please let me get what I want"- Smiths
"A sort of homecoming"- U2
Side b. "Still the pictures flow through the night.."

"Nobody's hero"-Rush
"Fox in the snow" -Belle and Sebastian
"We came along this road"- Nick Cave
"Lilith"- Legendary Pink Dots
"Mercy Street"- Peter Gabriel
"My last two weeks"- Peter Murphy
"In a lonely place"-Joy Division
"Majesty"-Claire Voyant
"Silence, Sea and Sky"- Chameleons

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