gwensarah and johanny
The Last Letter..
00:25 & 08 May 2002

"In your dreams..
Am I happy?
Do I end up belonging?
Do I end up belonging?
Is my heart,
finally still?
Do I find my place,
my place in the world?
If what you see
is my destiny
Is there someone with me
do two paths cross?
Am I no longer lost?
Is there someone with me?
I've seen myself
just like you say..
So you think it's not a lie
so you see me home and dry?--Trembling Blue Stars

She held the letter with listless fingers, not quite accepting how this last letter could arrive some two months after it was sent ready to destroy the senses ..even if from across an ocean.

No tears fell, she could spare no tears even for one dear to her heart. The flames of the anger she had felt in these weeks following his death suddenly turned to ashes as she read his words for now she understood with her heart that which her mind had condemned.
Her soul ached with the all that had transpired since his choice, and she fiercely wished she could fall into his arms as she had done before and weep the bitterness, fear and loss that she now felt..
Instead she merely closed her eyes, missed him with every fibre of her being and quietly went to peices..

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